Credientials & Experience
GAL apart from having the distinction of being one of the first private flying training academy in the country also had the privilege to be among the first to start multi engine training in the country. Over the years the academy has completed more than 1,00,000 hrs of flying by training more than 1000 students who selected us only for the reason of our commitment, honesty, transparency and foremost for the quality of our training.

Unlike other academies which emphasize on flying with instructors as safety pilots, from our inception we believe that actual solo flying provides an opportunity for the students to gain self-confidence, analyse, study and correct their mistakes as also to know their limitations. This belief of the academy has received several appreciations over the years including those from senior commanders of airlines and parents of students.

It was because of our reputation for actual solo flying, commitment towards the training and honesty and transparency in our working, that our academy was selected by the Govt. of Jharkhand for training the ST students sponsored by the state government. Being from extremely poor families, the background of the students was not very strong and encouraging, yet the students with their hardwork and motivation of becoming pilots and uplifting the condition of their families commenced their pilot training and the academy also left no stone unturned to provide the best of best training to these students, resulting in completion of the training in a record period of time and we proudly say that immediately after completion of the course the students got placements in Air India.

GAL has tried to maintain the highest level of professionalism and standard of training and it is because of this that several other state governments have also selected us time and again for the training of the students sponsored by them and over the years the list of such students has become ever increasing.

GAL also has the distinction to be among the very few academies to have been continuously in operation for the last 26 years. Over the years numerous academies have opened and closed, but GAL has stood here ever since and has watched the aviation industry grow and flourish. The academy has even expanded and has its own Aircraft Maintenance engineering training institute with full fledged facilities and huge campus.

These are just a few of our achievements and milestones from a list which goes endless and it is because of our reputation and our commitment towards excellence that students have been selecting us for their flying training from as long as 1995. So go ahead and explore the flamboyant world of Aviation with the best in industry with Garg Aviations.