1. Introduction

Aviation is a very specialized field and a large population of our country is not fully aware of this sector. The possibilities in this field are almost limitless since aviation sector in India is still growing and expanding. Numerous new aircrafts are getting registered in India every month which means that vacancies will only keep rising. Aviation still needs a formal introduction in India. In countries like USA, UK, France, Spain, Brazil, Canada etc., aircrafts are a part of the normal working. Just like here we use cars to drive to our work every day, in these countries general ordinary people use aircrafts to fly to their place of work. This trend is also coming up in India but the speed is a little slow which is mainly attributable to the less knowledge of aviation among the general public.

However more and more corporate are continuously looking forward to using aircrafts for their travel needs which means that as the demand increases, the aircraft operations will need to expand and increase in number which means that need for pilots will have to be more. As per Indian government regulations a minimum of three sets of crew are required for each aircraft which means that 6 pilots per aircraft and this multiplied with the number of aircrafts will give an estimate of the requirement for pilots. Also this is the minimum crew which is required. Companies operating their aircrafts more frequently will require more sets of crew since every pilot has a very limited number of hours which he can fly in a particular period of time i.e. the more number of hours an aircraft is operated the more will be the requirement of pilots.

2. Current trends

Although in the recent years from the news it might appear that the trend is not favourable for aviation, yet if you will ask anybody who has been in aviation for a considerable period of time, he will tell you that this all is part of a continuous cycle.

It has been the trend in the aviation sector to slow down after every 10-15 years and then suddenly again boom. This happened in 1992 when the government launched its open sky policy. Several airlines came up like Jet Airways, East-West, NEPC, Damania, Sahara etc. However with time most of these airlines closed down and the vacancies for pilots reduced but still did not completely diminish. A boom again came in 2004 when several new airlines started opening up like Kingfisher, Indigo, Spicejet, Go Air etc. and with time now even more new airlines especially regional carriers are planning to come up. As many as 9 companies have obtained clearance from the government for operating Regional airlines which means that the next boom is soon to come.

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