GAL RPTO Vision and Mission Statement

The Project Vision is built on the bedrock of Atmanirbhar Bharat, to be the National Benchmark for Drone training The Mission is to be accepted Nationwide as the optimal solution for DGCA approved Drone training .


1. Drone Training curriculum in complete adherence to DGCA guidelines.

2. Completely set up drone training facility, with trained faculty and comprehensive infrastructure.

3. Only RPTO conducting Simulator and Flying training on ‘INDUSTRY GRADE’ drones, to enable trainees SEAMLESSLY transit to actual drone operations.

4. Ready to train emerging professionals in exploiting drone opportunities across the commercial drone spectrum.

5. Accreditation process deployed in line with DGCA guidelines .

Drone Training Opportunities / Market

1. With the easing of regulatory requirements, the number and utilization of drones will significantly increase.

2. All existing Drone Pilots will also need to acquire a Remote Pilot Licence to continue drone operations.

3. There exists a huge gap between availability and demand for quality Drone Pilots in the Indian Drone ecosystem.

4. ‘The Indian UAV Drones Market is expected to reach US$ 18.1 Bn by FY2026 growing at a CAGR of 14.61%,’. ... ** As sales increase, so will the requirement drone pilots.

Applications driving the Drone Market

Who needs this training

1. Existing Drone operators for acquiring a mandated Remote Pilot Licence .

2. Students planning to pursue drone services in their careers, especially in

a) E-commerce
b) Mobility/Transportation solutions
c) Survey/Security/Facility Management
d) Inventory and Supply Chain Management

3. Civil Servants / Military / Paramilitary / Police personnel doing mid-service, senior-management courses

4. Individuals looking to pursue a hobby, or for skill enhancement.

Course Curriculum

1. Aligned with DGCA Syllabus

2. Detailed coverage of drone technologies, payloads, power plant types, etc.

3. Drone Standards, Regulations, and emerging technologies.


GAL RPTO Course completion certificate.

DGCA Approved Drone Operator certificate with endorsement of type of drone.