Best Recency Flyingt Training
GAL also offers recency/conversion training to students who have completed their training in foreign countries and are now seeking conversion of license for issue of Indian licenses. As we all know that about 20 hrs of flight time is such which is valid for only about 6 months and most students going abroad face difficulty when they come back since by the time they pass their written examinations in India, the six months time period gets lapsed which means they again have to do about 20 hours of flying.

At GAL we will help you meet the requirements for recency so that you are able to apply for issue of Indian license on the basis of your foreign license. All our aircrafts including the Cessna 152 and Cessna 310 are IFR approved. All your recency flying requirements including your day flying, night flying, 250 NM day cross country check, 120 NM night cross country check, instrument flying, instrument rating test and day/night tests can be done in our Cessna 152 or Cessna 310 as per your requirements. Both aircrafts are readily available and depending upon your requirements and the weather conditions, the recency flying takes about 7-10 days although if things permit it is possible to complete this training in even shorter duration.

The most difficulty which students face is with instrument rating test since the DGCA requires you to have done IR test with two different types of instrument approaches and most flying academies in the country do not have easy access to airports with two instrument approaches and in other cases such airports are extremely far away. At GAL the instrument rating test is usually carried out at Chakeri Airport which has got ILS, Localiser, VOR and NDB approaches, enough to meet the DGCA requirements and Chakeri is only 3 NM away from Kanpur Civil airport which is almost like being at the same airport. So unlike other flying training academies where you might have to spend your hard earned money on first flying to an airport where there are two different instrument approaches and then do the test, at our academy you can save a major amount of your expenditure on this.

At GAL you will find that unlike other flying training academies which start levying new/hidden charges as your training progresses, we believe in transparent working. All fees, costs and expenditures involved in the training are made known to you the first time you contact us so that once you start your training you are prepared and confident that your expenditures won�t exceed the estimates.

Short term lodging and fooding facilities are also available at nominal charges for students coming for recency/conversion flying.