History & Background

Garg Aviations came into existence in the year 1995. The idea of the academy was conceived by Capt. Vijay Kumar Garg who started his flying at the Govt. Flying Training Centre (GFTC) , Kanpur in the year 1984 and he obtained his Private Pilot license the same year followed by the Certificate of Proficiency in Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeromobile) in the next year. However the GFTC, Kanpur was closed down because of which Mr.Garg faced great difficulties in completing his flying and it was because of his own suffering and inability to complete his flying due to the non-availability of good flying training academies in the country that Mr. Garg decided to start his own flying training academy so that the future generations do not have to suffer the same hardships which he had to go through in fulfilling his dream of becoming a pilot and thus Garg Aviations became the first academy in the country " for pilots by pilots", in the true sense.

Garg Aviations was one of the first private flying training academy in the country and for over 14 years was the only fully functional flying training academy in northern India. Garg Aviations also has the distinction of commencing multi engine training for students at a time when only a very few academies in the country had multi engine aircrafts and now it has been over 25 years that Garg Aviations has been providing multi engine training to aspiring pilots with a reputation which even attracts the experienced pilots from the Indian Airforce, Navy and coast guard to come to GAL for their training for the issue of Airline Transport Pilot License.