GAL operates from Civil Airport, Kanpur which is located inside the cantonment area, in the heart of Kanpur city and just minutes away from the main city center which is unlike almost all other flying training academies in the country who are located several miles away from the city.

Civil airport, Kanpur being uncontrolled offers the most suitable training environment for abi-nitio flying training and its proximity to Lucknow International Airport and Chakeri domestic Airport enables the students to obtain the much needed experience of flying in a busy environment and exposure to instrument flying procedures and instrument approaches in the advanced stages of training. The ILS,DVOR,DME and NDB navigation facilities at Kanpur are located 3 Nautical Miles from Civil Airport and thus provide students with exposure to latest navigational aids. The East-West oriented runway at Civil Airport, Kanpur is 3550 ft long and 150 ft wide which is much above the minimum requirement for flying training operations and provides much higher safety margin for ab-initio flying training meaning much greater safety of our most valued possessions, our students.

The airport being located in the clean and calm area of cantonment offers an unmatched learning environment along with the safety of students which has had great contribution to the success of numerous students who have passed out of our academy over the years. Also the airport is very close to the Mall Road and other major attractions of Kanpur which provides students several options for recreation and a break from their studies.